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During this weeklong campaign, we show our gratitude for your support through a series of video testimonials. Brain injury survivors and family members will share how Jodi House has impacted their continued recoveries.

We surpassed our goal by raising $25,150 thanks to the help and support of our donors!

Kathleen's story

“The unconditional love flowing throughout the organization became a light at the end of what can be considered the dark tunnel of recovering from a brain injury.”

Heather's story

“You can feel comfortable, not judged, and so it’s an environment to thrive in […] it’s also a place where we lift each other up.”

Jesse's story

“I’m much more than my injury. I am a son. I am a cousin. I am a friendly person.”

Adriana's story

“[Jodi House] has the same passion and compassion towards the caregivers who also need help and guidance in this long process of recovery.”

Richard's story

“You had a life before your brain injury, but you were given a new life, so it’s like you have a second opportunity.”

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