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Jodi House Partners With MealPass App

By January 7, 2022No Comments

Jodi House is partnering with the MealPass app to gain access to free meals for members.

The app, which is currently in a pilot test period, allows local restaurants to post about what surplus food they have upon closing time. App users can go on and claim the fresh leftover meals at no cost to them. Users must then select a time to arrive at the restaurant to pick up the food they have selected. Our members have the ability to sign up for the program by registering through Jodi House.

Santa Barbara was selected as one of the very few cities to test out the MealPass app, which originated in Australia. Under the program name of ‘Take Out Hunger,’ the purpose of the app benefits both the user and the restaurant; while users receive free food, restaurants can reduce their food waste and receive an IRS deduction.

Many cities are served by MealPass, including New York, Miami and Boston.