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Our Membership

During the chaotic and confusing days, weeks, or months in the ER, hospital, or inpatient rehabilitation, it is extremely difficult to comprehend what life with a brain injury will be like.

Yet, once the medical professionals have finished their lifesaving work, survivors and their families are usually left to cope on their own with the life-changing and, often, lifelong emotional, behavioral, and social effects of the injury.

That’s where Jodi House steps in.

Jodi House helps brain injury survivors reclaim their lives, and helps families and caregivers find solutions, resources, and support.

Want to learn more about membership?

Email [email protected] or call the Program Department at (805) 563-2882 ext. 3.

Who can benefit from Jodi House?

  • Survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Survivors of stroke, aneurysms and tumors
  • Survivors of hypoxic/anoxic brain injury
  • Survivors of other types of acquired brain injury (ABI)
  • Families, caregivers, friends and supporters of brain injury survivors