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Carlos' Story

“I think people should know that a brain injury can cause lots of different symptoms and that all we want is to be accepted. I wish the world could accept and understand my Tourette Syndrome-like symptoms, but I’m glad I know that I can be myself at Jodi House.”

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Shawn's Story

“I’ve become a much happier person since joining Jodi House and have taken classes and gotten some wonderful help. Case Management has helped me reach some of my goals. I have become better with organization, at home, with my thoughts and in general. Through Case Management, I was able to work with Habitat for Humanity for home repairs.”

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Jose's Story

“My favorite part about Jodi House is the meditation classes. I love the classes and they have helped reduce my anxiety. The Brain Workouts help me with out with my focus and memory. I remember things from my past that I didn’t before. Now, I can talk better and remember better. I tell my family that at Jodi House, I am taking classes that are good for my brain and they encourage me to continue.”

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