Our programs allow those with brain injuries to REGAINUnderline the support necessary to RECOVERUnderline to the extent that they are able.


Our Day Program consists of classes that aim to improveUnderline cognitive, physical, and social functioning after brain injury.

Through our Day Program, we work with our members to encourage their physical, cognitive and behavioral recovery. Classes such as yoga and dance help promote physical balance and strength, while classes such as brain work out, memory, and communication skills promote cognitive function and memory improvement. Each day consists of different classes and members may choose whichever classes and activities they wish to participate in. Opportunities in the Day Program can enhance quality of life and overall independence. Participation also benefits families and caregivers by providing a safe, supportive environment for loved ones during the day. Membership provides invaluable respite, resulting in better care and healthier relationships.


Case management provides members the opportunity to receive additional support with their individual recovery goalsUnderline.

Goals may include securing housing, finding employment, connecting with medical providers, and applying for benefits.


After a brain injury, navigating the resources available can feel overwhelming. Jodi House provides critical referrals and information that help survivors and their caregivers access the complementary services and additional supports they need.


Jodi House’s Family and Caregiver Support Program provides a lifeline of information and referrals regarding services including continued education, vocational training and support groups, as well as support to family, friends, caregivers, and brain injury survivors who are not involved in our day programs. Feel free to visit Jodi House or give our staff a call at (805)563-2882 ext. 3 for more information.